Dear friends and customers,


On behalf of Le Pham’s Staffs, I would like to express our gratitude for your interests in our products and services.

Le Pham Company was granted the business license in 20th Nov 2000. We have been steadily strengthening and gaining the valuable supports from customers.

In 2004, Le Pham became a proud member of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (VCCI)

We are currently operating in the following businesses:

In trading: Our main focuses is on nonmetal product such as quicklime, limestone, light powder, dolomite, etc. We have gained supports in sugar industry and steel mills from both domestic and foreign market. The product of Le Pham Company has gained the trust of many market such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh and India.

In shipping: As the vessel owner, we are currently building our ship fleets to meet our increasing customers’ demands.

In services: We are providing many services included the maritime, logistics, shipping, office leasing, etc.

That concludes the brief introduction about Le Pham, I genuinely wish for our cooperation toward business improvement.

Best wishes to all of you







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Head Office

Address: 8th Floor, LP Building, 508 Le Thanh Tong Street, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong, Viet Nam

Tel: (+84) 225 3.750205

Email: lpgroup@lpgroup.vn

Website: https://lpgroup.vn


Ho Chi Minh Office

: Mr. Dung

(+84) 988 329 944

Cam Pha Office

: Mr. Trung

(+84) 989 604 616

Hon Gai Office

: Mr. Giang

(+84) 901 585 198

Nghi Son Office

: Mr. Hoan

(+84) 904 128 099

Cua Lo Office

: Mr. Tuan

(+84) 899 263 168

Ha Tinh Office

: Mr. Nghia

(+84) 901 599 646